Some GM’s might want to allow some characters to take levels in different classes than the one they start out as.

In these cases, the character uses the bases for stats that comes with the class chosen at 1st level.

The levels taken later then converts the progression values to fractions, more specifically x/12ths.

  • A +1 every Rank is +12/12 pr. Rank – like Warrior Attack/Defence. Can also be written as +1/lvl.
  • A +1 every 2 Ranks is +6/12 pr. Rank – like Servitor Attack. Can also be written as +0.5/lvl
  • A +1 every 3 Ranks is +4/12 pr. Rank – like Servitor Stealth. Can alsp be written as .33/level – just note that +0.99 = +1 (it’s really +0.34 every third time)
  • A +1 every 4 Ranks is +3/12 pr. Rank – like Evasion for most. Can also be written as 0.25/lvl
  • Not having the stat is +0/12 pr. Rank – like Warrior Magical Attack. Can also be written as +0/lvl

Then, simply, every time a stat reaches a full multiple of 12, the stat goes up by +1.

Thus a character starting as a Warrior, going to Rank 2 as a knight and then taking 2 Servitor Ranks has an attack base of 13 from the 1st Warrior Rank, +12/12ths from the extra Warrior Rank, +6/12ths from the first Servitor Rank and +6/12th from the second, comes to 13 + 12/12 + 6/12 + 6/12 = 13 + 24/12 = 13 + 2 = 15 base attack at 4th character rank.

As for when special abilities are attained, they come at the regular intervals, counting only Ranks taken in the specific class.

Also, when starting as one class and then shifting to another, the character does not gain the “extras” that many 1st Rank characters get, eg. the skills that a Warrior gets at 1st Rank.


GM’s should limit crosstraining into the Shek-P’var. The nature of this vocation makes it highly unlikely that a character with Shek-P’var Ranks does not have this class at 1st Rank.

The opposite might happen, though.


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