The equipment system in Dragon Warriors is wholly serviceable for a HârnDW game. Use this system for simplicity.

A couple of free expansion pdfs (originally by Magnum Opus Press, I believe):

Note that some of the armours, like Brigandine is probably something only seen on mainland Lythia, as they represent more advanced (time-wise at least) developments.

Social Restrictions on Weaponry

In a Hârn campaign several weapons are considered Chivalric Weapons, and may be used only by the nobility or those whom they’ve given licence. From a DW equipment viewpoint these are:

  • Swords (not Shortswords)
  • Mace
  • Morning Star
  • Warhammer
  • Pollaxe
  • Battleaxe
  • Lance

For Armours, AF 4 and AF 5 types are also considered Chivalric.

Also note that technically, Knight/Heater shields and Kite shields are Chivalric, while Roundshields are not. The DW system does not distinguish these functionally, but it is important descriptively.

Starting Equipment.

Each character is allowed 2 weapons/shields (missile weapons come with a quiver and 6 missiles) and a set of armour, taking the above restrictions into account.

Besides this, generally, a backpack, bedroll and a flint & tinder will be in the characters possession.

Commoners can roll 2d10+15 for silver pennies (Florins in the DW lists) to buy other equipment or have some funds available to them. Nobles multiply by 10.


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