The Spells of Fyvria

Fyvria spells deal with the living earth, with organic matter and its properties. Plants and healing are central provinces of the convocation.

Mages of this convocation always as the power to sense the general condition of a living thing, like a rough diagnosis. this extends to both animal (human!) and plant life.

Level 1

Balm of Herl – heals 2 Health Points in the recipient.
Nemar’s Weakening – like the Sorcerer spell Weaken.
Ygil’s Sleep – like the Mystic Spell Suspended Animation

Level 2

Ecar’s Trap – like the Sorcerer spell Tangleroots
Power of Kelon – like the Mystic Spell Might
Ulvor’s Smiting – like the Sorcerer spell Inflict Wound, exept damage is 2d4.

Level 3

Bath of Herl – like the Sorcerer spell Greater Healing
Qual’s Banquet – like the Sorcerer spell Banquet

Level 4

Curse of Aarahn – like the Sorcerer spell Disease
Soothing of Tarne – like the Sorcerer spell Antidote.

Level 5

Level 6

Soothing of Iger – like the Mystic spell Survival.

Level 7

Touch of Sadaris – like the Mystic spell Paralysis.

Level 8

Shroud of Herl – restores 8 HP in 1d6 recipients within 15m range.

Level 9

Level 10

Shapes of Gorion – like the Sorcerer spell Transfomation, and to natural forms only.


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