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- Dragon Warriors for HârnWorld

Dragon Warriors is a lovely little gem of a rules-light system. It is one of those “it gets 90% done with 10% of the hassle” systems that deserve to get a bit of treatment.

In this case a treatment for use with the HârnWorld setting. Now how does it work, marrying the light rules from DW with the detail-fount that is HW? IMO it works pretty well …

In here you will find no change to the core of the system, the basic mechanics.

What will change is the organisation of the character classes to match the HârnWorld reality better.

This starts with the Warriors, which I endeavour to meld into one class. This might be something of interest to all DW’er out there.

But the bulk comes of course in relation to the magic-using professions – servants of the gods and the Shek-P’var. Both these have feels that is some way off the way these professions are set up in DW, so they will see the most change.

Basic Stat Generation and notes on race


The Warrior class

The Servitor class and its powers

The Shek-P’var class and their spells

Scouts, Lia-Kavair and others



Option: Skills – Crafts & Professions

Option: Taking levels in different classes


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