The Spells of Odivshe

Odivshe spells deal with the watery and the liquid as well as the principles of the removal of energy from matter, cold and ice.

Mages of this convocation have the ability to sense the condtion and quality of any primarily watery liquid in their immediate presence.

Level 1

Bonal’s Quenching – prevents thirst for setting in for the next 8 hours. Can postpone thirst for up to three days total (9 castings).
Rendal’s Cooling – cools down a small area. This extiguishes flames up to a torch or handheld lantern (and makes beverages nice and cool on a summer day).
Trickle of Paramon – creates about a quart of water. Does not work in hot and arid conditions like deserts. Have a container present or the water spills on the ground.


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