Scouts, Lia-Kavair and others

Such roles as Scouts and the Lia-Kavair are well represented by the Assassin class from standard DW, exept for the mystical elements. The following notes are based on that class. And actually, the Assassin class as is is a pretty good fit for very specialized Assassin cults, like those assoicated with the Navehan faith, but they are not indigenous to Hârn as such, and the full Assassin class is not availabe for PC’s.

In HârnDW Scouts and Lia-Kavair require only a Reflexes score of 9, but must substitute all Meditational techniques with mundane skills. In addition, a character defined as a Scout can choose skills from the Warrior list, while Lia-Kavair retain access to the Alchemical techniques (which Scouts then do not have access to).

The Deathvow is removed from the repertiore. Armour Piercing is likewise removed because of the overlap with Weaponskill.

These characters all start with 4 skills at 1ts Rank, adding 1 skill pr. Rank thereafter.

The exact skill list for each class:

Scout: Warrior Skill List plus Shock Attack, Inner Sense, Breakfall, Climb, Jumping
Lia-Kavair: Unarmed Combat, Trowing Spikes, Shock Attack, Inner Sense, Memorize, Alchemy (Assassins Lotion, Smoke Jar), Breakfall, Climb, Jumping, Disguise, Pilfer, Pick Lock, Track

The values for the other aspects are as follows:

Health Points: 1d6+5, +1/Rank

Attack: 13, +1/Rank
Defence: 5, +1/2 Ranks
Magical Attack: -
Magical Defence: 3, +1
Evasion: 5, +1/4 Ranks
Stealth: 18, +1/Rank
Perception: 8, +1/Rank

Skill slots: 4, +1/rank

Other classes

The following classes

  • Elementalists
  • Warlocks
  • Mystics
  • Friars
  • Thanes

are not available in a HârnDW game. Some of them have contributed some of their abilities to the changed classes and some have provided inspiration, but they do not exisit as such in a HârnDW game.


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