The Spells of Peleahn

Peleahn spells consider themselves with increasing the energy in matter, both dead and living. Fire, motion and heat is central to this convocation.

Mages of this convocation always has the power to effect a tiny fire, like lighting a candle or lantern.

Level 1

Finger of Marlas – set fire to a combustible material lying idle and not in the possession of a person. Will ignite up to about a campfire or anything very combustible, but not a wooden house or part of it eg. A thatched roof is at risk, though, as is a large haystack.
Pyre of Onkh – fires a small but intense ball of fire at a target. Impact is for d6+6 points of damage, less the AF of the target (ie. striking an AF 4 target deals the target d6+2 damage). Match Speed of 12 vs. Evasion. 20 m range.

Level 3

Zonar’s Hastening – recipient has his internal fires stoked and gets a 50% chance of being able to strike an extra melee blow at the end a combat round (alternatively, the recipient has an extra attack on even turns). Spell Expiry roll.

Level 8

Zonar’s Swiftness – like the Mystic Spell Swiftness.

Level 9

Rraan’s Inferno – like the Sorcerer spell Firestorm


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