Characters in the standard HârnMaster rules has a slight chance of posessiong a psionic talent or two.

In HârnDW this is determined by finishing character generation by rolling 3d8 and subtracting the number rolled from Psychic Talent. The result is the number of Psionic buy points available to the character. A total of 0 and below means no psionic ability.

These points can be used to buy the ability to use powers chosen from the spell lists of Shek-P’var and Servitors. A power costs it’s spell level in buy points. Thus a character with 3 buy points can get 3 1st level spells, one 1st and one 2nd or a 3rd level effect they can use.

Use the Mystic Spell Fatigue rule to determine when a characters psionics burn out for the day. The psionicist can cast the spell as a higher level power at greater risk of burnout.

Higher level abilities kick in only when the character attains the sufficient Rank. Thus, a character with a 3rd level power can only begin to use it when reaching 3rd Rank.


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