The Warrior Class

Standard DW has the Barbarian and the Knight as the fighting classes. For HârnDW there will be only one fighting class, the Warrior.

Basic Fighting style

The Warrior starts by choosing his or her basic Combat style, Aggressive or Prudent.

The Agressive style offers a Basic Attack of 14, and a Basic Defence of 6
The Prudent style offers a Basic Attack of 13, and a Basic Defence of 7

Magical Defence: 3
Evasion: 4
Stealth: 13
Perception: 5

Initial Health Points: 1d6+7

Plate armour is relatively rare on Hârn. Any warrior is at -2 to attack to function in a suit of Plate, unless the Armour Expert skill is bought.

Warrior skills

Warriors choose 3 skills at 1st level (most of these are described in the DW rulebook p. 26-28). Availability is as follows:

From Rank 1
Extra Health Points (bar/civ) (new)
Track (bar/civ)
Ride Warhorse (bar/civ)
Armour Expert (civ)
Dodge (bar/civ) (see below) (new)
Disarm Technique (bar/civ)
Expert Parry (bar/civ)
Main Gauche (bar/civ)
Master Bowman (bar/civ)
Quick Draw (civ)
Swordmaster (civ)
Weaponskill (bar/civ)
Berserk (bar)
Literacy (civ) (new)
Fight Blind (bar/civ) (warlock)
Arrow Cutting (bar/civ) (warlock)
Unarmed Combat (civ) (warlock)

From Rank 4
Choose 1 Assassin Skill (mundane skills only, can be taken only once) (bar/civ)

From Rank 8
Bloodrage (bar), only if posessing Berserk

New skills:
Dodge (bar/civ): Gives +1 Evasion.
Extra Health points (bar/civ): +2 Health Points. Can be taken only once.
Literacy (civ): The ability to read and write and do basic cyphering.


Attack: +1/rank
Defence: +1/rank
Magical Defence: +1/rank
Evasion: +1 every 4 ranks gained (5th, 9th, 13th ect.)
Stealth: +1 every 3 ranks gained (4th, 7th, 10th etc.)
Perception: +1 every 2 ranks gained (3rd, 5th, 7th etc.)

Warriors gain 1 new skill every even level that they attain (2nd, 4th, 6th etc.).


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