The Spells of Lyahvi

Lyahvi spells consider themselves with the priciple of Air, of light, refraction and the fleet and insubstantial. Illusion is a central capability of the Lyahvi Shek P’var.

The Mages of Lyahvi are always able to effect a light at the power of a candlelight should it be needed.

Level 1

Mirage or Afaner – as the Mystic Spell Mirage.
Illumination of Saan – Light shines from the mages hand or staff, power like a torch, but a steady light. Spell Expiry roll appiles.
Nose of Hrestul – makes the Mage able to Track via scent. Spell Expiry roll applies.

Level 2

Flash of Tirok – like the Mystic spell Dazzle.
Lance of Eril – sends a little lightning arc of Speed 14 (16 vs. metal armours) for d6+4 damage. Range 5m.

Level 3

Beam of Nolar – An intense ray of light strikes at a target within in 20m range at Speed 16 for 3d8 points of damage. Especially light-sensitive creatures, like Vampires, suffer double damage.
Hilam’s Eyes – the caster gets sonar (sound-based) vision, like a bat. Works in darkness, but is not great on detail. Spell Expiry roll.
Vision of Canaar – like the Sorcerer spell Illusion.

Level 4

Bahnor’s Whirlwind – creates a 3m radius stormwind zone around the caster that moves with him. This zone gives missiles a -4 to Attack or Speed, and people entering the zone suffer a like penalty to actions when within. Spell Expiry roll.

Level 5

Vision of Agrelan – caster acquires the ability to negate any kind of darkness penalty to vision with regards to himself in a 10m radius.

Level 6

Level 7

Shower of Nolar – like the Sorcerer spell Nova.

Level 9

Cloak of Tarr – like the Sorcerer spell invisibility.
Voice of Hugun – like the Mystic spell Thunderclap.


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