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Bring not the scorn of the Kvikir (ordinary people) upon thy brothers,
nor make with thy art a place for thyself above them.

Spread not thy lore, even among thy brothers, without the sanction of thy peers.

Keep sacred and free from harm thy house of lore.

Succor not a renegade of the art, but strike him down with thy power,
else summon thy brothers to thy aid.

Make tithe to thy house a portion of thyne arcane treasures for thy brothers’ benefit.

The DW class most like the Shek-P’var are the Elementalists, not surprisingly, but then again there are some differences – not least there being 7 elements in the Hârnic thaumatology, where the Grey category is surrounded by the 6 P’varic elements.

Shek-P’var will basically use the rules for Sorcerers.

The spell lists will be custom created (see elsewhere), and not all spells will necessarily be known by all P’var.

Furthermore, each P’var must choose a primary element at character creation. Spells from this element cost magic points to cast as written. Spells from the secondary elements cost an extra magic point to cast, Neutral/Grey spells 2 extra, tertiary 3 extra and diametric spells are a whopping 6 extra points to cast, making it basically impossible to even effect such a spell at 1st rank.

So a Peleahn Shek-P’var casting a 3rd level Peleahn spell pays 3 MP. For a Lyahvi 3rd level spell (secondary) he pays 4. For a Jmorvi 3rd level spell (tertiary) the cost is 6.

Grey sorcery
When reaching 8th rank, a Shek-P’var may opt to become a Grey sorcerer, going though a process much like the Mystic Adepthood process. After this process all spells count as primary, costing only their normal level cost to cast.

P’varic Spells

The Spells of Peleahn
The Spells of Lyahvi
The Spells of Savorya
The Spells of Odivshe
The Spells of Fyvria
The Spells of Jmorvi
Grey spells


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