The Spells of Grey/Neutral

The spells of this category consider themselves with magic itself, the fabric of space, time and the dimensions, force or with effects that draw on several principles at once.

No Mage starts out as a Grey Mage, but when the transformation occurs, the Grey Mage acquire all the lesser abilities of the six convocations.

Level 1

Analyze Spell (Grey) – lets the caster sense the nature and power of an ongoing or permanent magical effect, like what level it was cast at.
Portal of Naukun – like the Sorcerer spell Portal.
See Enchantment – like the Mystic Spell See Enchantment.

Level 2

Dispel (Grey) – can force an ongoing, non-permanent spell out of existance. Must be cast at 1 level higher than the spell it tries to end.
Ranur’s Ward – like the Sorcerer spell Warding.

Level 3

Beacon of Azrael – like the Sorcerer spell Beacon.
Finger of Wen – like the Mystic spell Telekinesis.

Level 4

Magic Wall – like the Sorcerer spell Wall of Magic.

Level 5

Banishment – like the Sorcerer spell Banish.
Shield of Gerot – like the Mystic spell Force Field.
Zone of Aaran – like the Sorcerer spell Mantlet.

Level 6

Zavran’s Creation – like the Sorcerer spell Phantasm.

Level 7

Dias of Kanalg – like the Mystic spell Duel.
Magic Screen – like the Sorcerer spell Spell Screen.
Wings of Erat – like the Mystic spell Levitation.
Zortan’s Stasis – like the Sorcerer spell Stasis.

Level 8

Bezar’s Ghost – like the Mystic Spell Intangibility.
Sanctuary of Ranzar – like the Sorcerer spell Bastion.
Sigil of Danur – like the Sorcerer spell Rune.
Tunnel of Orban – like the Sorcerer spell Astral Gate.
Weight of Tarabon – like the Sorcerer spell Burden.

Level 9

Step of Agar – like the Mystic spell Teleport.
Zebo’s Castle – like the Mystic spell Impregnable Sphere.

Level 10

Deluge (Peleahn/Lyahvi/Odivshe)- Unleashes a hurricane-like storm over an area up to Psychic Talent miles in diameter. During this storm anyone in the area are considered to be attacked by a Speed 12 attack for 4d6 points of damage (lightning strikes, toppling trees, collapsing houses, caught in flooding etc.). Takes an hour to build up/cast. “Only” produces a violent sandstorm in desert climates, but the effects are largely the same.


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