The Spells of Savorya

Savorya spells consider themselves with the principles of Mind and Knowledge. Divination and Mind Control (though abhorrent) are disciplines of this convocation.

The Mages of Savorya are generally able to get subtle and vague notions about the dominant emotions of people they converse or otherwise interact with for about a minute or more.

Level 1

Evor’s Premonition – as the Mystic power, exept that danger is sensed on a succesful 2d10 check vs. Intelligence.
Ragin’s Nose – like the Mystic spell Pursuit.

Level 2

Argon’s Shield – the mage senses minds near him (Psychic Talent metres). Spell Expiry roll applies.
Aura of Hool – like the Sorcerer spell Detect Aura.
Eyes of Seren – like the Sorcerer spell Peer.
Revor’s Truth – the caster sense the degree of truth in a given statement by the target if he can overcome the Magical Defence of the subject.

Level 3

Aegar’s Compelling – like the sorcerer spell Command.
Eye og Meeg – like the Mystic Spell Allseeing Eye.
Rhonor’s Calling – like the Sorcerer spell Wolfcall.
Ward of Oonen – like the Mystic Spell Mind Cloak.

Level 4

Aura of Hennst – like the Mystic spell Clairvoyance.
Inquiry of Evran – like the Sorcerer spell Oracle.
Teral’s Sight – like the Mystic spell Hidden Target.
Thought of Kesser – like the Mystic spell Telepathy.
Voice of Tenn – like the Mystic spell Enthrall.

Level 5

Mirror of Itan – like the Mystic spell Pass Unseen.
Molin’s Doom – like the Mystic spell Mystic Blast.
Evran’s Communing – like the Sorcerer spell Divination.
Sense of Taaler – like the Mystic spell Truthsense.
Targan’s Soothing – like the Sorcerer spell Transfix.

Level 6

Pregil’s Lens – like the Mystic spell Assessment.

level 7

Command of Targo – like the Sorcerer spell Enslave.

Level 8

Journey of Eart – like the Mystic spell Trance
Melding of Rikis – like the Mystic spell Mindpool.

Level 10

Lens of Daran – like the Sorcerer spell Scry.


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