The Spells of Jmorvi

Jmorvi spells deal with mineral and metal matter.

Mages of this convocation has an intrinsic ability to identify a mineral or metal they come in contact with.

Level 1

The Golden Eye – senses if any significant mineral or metal deposits or objects are nearby.
Sense of Rodnor – this spell gives the caster a general sense of the geological condition of the nearby area (Psychic Talent metres), as it pertains to stability. This can sense if a section of a mountainside is stable or in risk of land/rockslides, or if an underground corridor, either natural or constructed, is stable or presents some risk. The determining the exact nature of the issue requires futher investigation, magical or mundane.
Shaping of Erck – with the use of this spell the user can bend, twist and mold relatively small amounts of metal. This is normally used out of combat, but in a battle it is possible to slightly warp a mostly metallic weapon in the possesion of another to a degree that the instability gives the user a -1 on attacks (until the same spell or a smith can set it right). The spell attacks with a Speed of 13, and the Evasion of the wielder must be overcome. It has no effect on magical weapons. Range 5m.

Level 2

Siral’s Razor – makes a metallic and edged or pointed weapon unnaturally sharper, causing it to have +1 to armour penetration and damage.

Level 4

Ilan’s Tremor – this spell sends a shockwave forward through the ground from the position of the caster. Targets caught in a 3m wide and 10m long path must test Reflexes with 4d6 or tumble to the ground.

Level 5

Radul’s Shaping – like the Sorcerer spell Fossilize

Level 6

Hulk of Erion – this spell raises an Earth Elemental (see the Bestiary) from the ground! The creature is under the casters control as long as he concentrates. If concentration is let go, the spell ends. Furthermore, a Spell Expiry Roll will end the spell, even if the caster concentrates.
Rulpan’s Fortification – like the Sorcerer spell Armour.
Talons of Skener – like the Mystic spell Steel Claw.


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